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Our goal is to help each athlete reach their maximum potential. Athletes will achieve this through functional sport-specific and age appropriate training. At FAST TWITCH, we strive to bridge the gap between recognizing an athlete's maximum potential to actually achieving that potential.
Fast Twitch separates itself from all other competition. Their training forces you to become a tougher, stronger and more driven athlete and competitor...The result of this training is noticeable improvement in every area of athletic performance... based on the measurable improvement and gains I received alone, I would highly recommend Fast Twitch training to any competitive athlete looking for something to add to their training regimen to give them a physical and equally important mental edge.

2006 Oakland A's 2nd overall draft pick,
Matt Sulentic
Welcome to Fast Twitch

The Fast Twitch system addresses and improves sports performance in a controlled environment like no other training technology.  The athlete can now train at the same speeds at which he or she performs, and because the training can be tailored to emulate the same variable speeds throughout the range of motion as experienced while playing the sport, performance training becomes an exact science which gives the Fast Twitch System direct quantifiable impact on each athlete's performance.

Each athlete's progress can be tracked on a computer generated progress report that records each repetition during exercise.  This report is evaluated at intervals and the athlete's training program is adjusted as he or she achieves specific training objectives and eventually accomplishes his or her on-the-field performance goals.  Because this training is performance oriented, it has been appropriately termed "performance training".  Performance training is distinct from weight training because the athlete trains at performance speeds with no load on the joints.  This allows for harder and more sustained sets of exercise without breaking the muscle tissue down while at the same time emulating the actual sports performance.

It is also distinguished from fitness training, cross training and aerobic training because of its specific applications.  These two technologies are packaged with the proprietary protocols in a series of six week, three month, six month and twelve month programs that are offered to athletes that range from nine years old to professional and beyond.
The Fast Twitch System

The Fast Twitch System is a two-step system that develops an athlete's speed, quickness, explosiveness, power, endurance and strength to its maximum potential.  The first step of the Fast Twitch System uses similar isokinetic exercise technology that has been used in the rehabilitation industry for over 20 years.  However, the Fast Twitch System is specifically designed for sports performance applications (i.e., the traditional isokinetic equipment has been modified and the protocols for application are tailored to each sport, each position and each athlete's nervous system).  These proprietary protocols and equipment adaptation to performance training is unique to the Fast Twitch System.  This specialized training is offered in a controlled environment during one-hour sessions twice a week under the supervision and guidance of a certified strength and conditioning professional who has received specific training on the use of the equipment, computers and application of the protocols.

The second step involves training the athlete using functional movement patterns, loading then unloading the athlete using resistance. This trains the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system to adapt to the stress placed upon it. Plyometric and quick footwork drills are also used to train proprioceptive response and motor unit recruitment patterns.  Both steps are included in a one-hour training session.
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